Restore Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Rely on us for 24-hour HVAC repairs in Las Vegas, NV

You can't spend ages waiting around for AC repairs during a sweltering heat wave. AC Captain won't make you wait long. We offer 24-hour HVAC repairs for your comfort and convenience. No matter what time of day or night it is, you can contact us for the emergency HVAC services you need.

Call now for 24-hour HVAC repairs in Las Vegas, NV.

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We can work on most makes and models

You rely on your HVAC system for relief from the summer heat and winter chill. But if you aren’t feeling comfortable at your home or place of business, contact our local HVAC company. We provide 24-hour HVAC repair services in Las Vegas, NV, so you can call on us in the middle of the night if needed.

Our skilled technicians can fix…

Central AC units
Water pumps
Window units

If you’re a veteran or a senior citizen, you qualify for a 10% discount on HVAC repair services.

Don’t fret if there’s a heat wave or cold snap in the forecast — we perform HVAC repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you ‘ve come to the right place for service. Reach out today to speak with an HVAC repair technician.

Why should you prioritize your HVAC repairs?

Many homeowners wait as long as possible before calling for HVAC repair services out of fear that the repairs will be expensive. But continuing to use a broken or malfunctioning HVAC system can lead to even bigger problems. And this typically ends up being more expensive the longer you go without getting it fixed.

Our team offers 24-hour HVAC repairs for homeowners in Clark County. You can get any problems taken care of quickly before they grow out of control. For more information on our HVAC repair services, reach out to us now.